Lost Treasure in a Skyscraper

Lost Teasure in a Skyscraper is a video game where the player has to recover the lost treasure, hidden in the skyscraper, for example by choosing an elevator, solving equations to discover the next stage until one reaches the final door!

This serious game can be adaptable to guidance considering the treasure to be found as the authentic career choice.


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Target groups

Young people (age not speciefied)


Young people (age not speciefied)

Type of game

Serious game (video game)


Learn to look for something


Reflect on the modalities that can be used to look for something, considering different possibilities and strategies.

Skills required

Basic computer skills

Available in these languages

VITECO Serious Games


VITECO Serious Games

Date created
How it’s used: individual or group session, in school or extracurricular

Single mode

Available on which devices?

Videogame usable both on PC and on smartphone


No,contact VITECO Serious Games telephone 095 7225331

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