Mobbyt is an online platform that combines an educational video game portal with a tool that allows users to create video games in a very simple way. In this way, it is possible to create games and share them immediately with everyone on the Internet so that the community can learn and have fun at the same time. Taking advantage of all the ludic and didactic potential of educational videogames, Mobbyt offers an alternative to companies and institutions that need to train their members. In the Mobbyt ecosystem, there are users, creators, developers and organizations that communicate their ideas.

Publics types

- General public
- Professionals (teachers)
- School children
- College students
- High School students
- University students


- Studies: all areas of study
- Sector (ONISEP): various

Genre de Jeu

Platform with Video-game; serious games


General methodology:
- Questions - Answers
- connect ideas
- comic books
- flash cards
- multilevel games.


It transmits an informative and educational message: transmits methodological knowledge
It provides training: aims to improve cognitive skills in terms of work methodology and reinforcement of knowledge learned.

Compétences - Connaissances

- Competences: linguistic, mathematical, digital communication, scientific culture, learning to learn, autonomy and personal initiative, humanistic and artistic culture
- Skills: problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, personal management, reasoning and decision-making, cognitive flexibility.

Disponible dans ces langues
Anglais, Espagnol, Portugais,

Mobbyt S.R.L


Mobbyt S.R.L

Date de publication/édition


Conditions d’utilisation: individuel ou collectif, scolaire ou extrascolaire

Single mode

Disponible sur quels appareils-supports?

online on PC and tablet / smartphone (IOS, ANDROID)



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