The game for entrepreneurs of Hospitality and Tourism

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Grupos Objetivo

General public
professionals (teachers)
college students
High School students
University students


Studies: all areas of study

Tipo de Juego

Video-game; serious game

Temática del Juego

General methodology:
- note taking
- entrepreneurship
- the structuring and the synthesis of the courses
- memorization
- planning management
- creativity
- collaboration
- problem solving


The PLAYHOST project main objective is the transference of a general entrepreneur’s game into the specific sector of hospitality and restaurant management. By choosing the answers to multiples situations the player may discover if he has skills in 3 areas related to gastronomy: Hostal, Cafe / snack bar and Restaurant and so decide if he wants to train or look for work in this area/ sector.
Inside each area there are situations/questions for different departments of a Company: Human Resources, Customer Service, Marketing and Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial and Legal Issues.

Competencias requeridas

Competences: Reasoning, technical, digital, learn to learn, social, entrepreneur, mathematical
Skills: Personal, school, professional

Disponible en estos idiomas
Inglés, Español, Francés, Italiano,



Sponsor: Erasmus+ Project

Fecha de creación


Cómo se usa: sesión individual o grupal, en la escuela o extracurricular

Single mode
Classroom mode

¿Disponible en qué dispositivos?

online on PC and tablet / smartphone (IOS, ANDROID)



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