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Target groups

- General public
- Professionals (teachers)
- School children
- College students
- High School students
- University students


- Studies: all areas of study
- Sector (ONISEP): various

Type of game

Platform with Video-game; serious games


General methodology:
- Memory
- Play against clock
- Create
- Listen to the texts pronounced correctly
- Personalized images and audio.


- It transmits an informative and educational message: transmits methodological knowledge
- It provides training: aims to improve cognitive skills in terms of work methodology and reinforcement of knowledge learned.

Skills required

- Competences: linguistic, mathematical, digital communication, scientific culture, learning to learn, autonomy and personal initiative, humanistic and artistic culture
- Skills: problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, personal management, reasoning and decision-making, cognitive flexibility.

Available in these languages
English, Spanish, French,

Quizlet Inc.


Andrew Sutherland

Date created


How it’s used: individual or group session, in school or extracurricular

- Single mode
- Classroom mode

Available on which devices?

online on PC and tablet / smartphone (IOS, ANDROID)



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Would you recommend this game?