Shape your Future

The Shape Your Future resource is a booklet aimed to provide an overview of the regional job market and industry sectors to young people, as well as outline the key skills, attitudes and experience required. To aid the regional focus of the resource, four different versions were produced, with the information and sectors covered tailored to the different geographic regions found across Yorkshire and the Humber.


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Target groups

Students (13-18)


VET, Secondary and Higher Education

Type of game

Online LMI resource, Booklet


- To provide information about each sector of work
- To think about which career path to pursue and the qualifications and skills needed to get there


To help young people decide on what jobs they can do in Yorkshire and the Humber region. The objective, for each sector, is to:
- Learn what the sector is about
- Find out the types of jobs and potential earnings
- Learn what skills/qualifications/subjects are desirable
- Find out the names of local employers
- Learn about the sector’s relevance in Yorkshrie and the Humber and its predicted future influence
- Know where you can find out more information

Skills required

Good reading skills
Basic computer skills

Available in these languages

Careers Yorkshire and the Humber


Careers Yorkshire and the Humber

Date created


How it’s used: individual or group session, in school or extracurricular

Mostly individual as it is a reading resource but can be used in a group setting.

Available on which devices?

Any device, and can also download as a pdf.



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