Strengths Tools

The Strengths Tools is a self-assessment questionnaire which aims to help you discover what skills you are strongest in. It is comprised of three sections – what you do well, what you do often and what you enjoy. It uses simple language, so could be useful with low literacy users, and asks you to answer questions based on a scale. After answering these three quizzes, you will be shown your strengths (e.g. Organised, hard worker, writing etc. and provided more information on these skills). Based on these strengths you can then see jobs, industries and apprenticeships that require these strengths to be used. (To further refine jobs/industries/apprenticeships to you, there are additional sections on the website that can be completed). The tool is available in English and requires an account to be made which needs an email address and UK post code.


  • Not really a game and unsuitable for school audiences.
Target groups

Primarily young people who are looking to discover their skills, but it can be used by anybody

Type of game

Self-assessment tools


Career related skills and preferences


To discover which skills you are best at

Skills required

Being able to read in English

Available in these languages

My World of Work - Skills Development Scotland


My World of Work - Skills Development Scotland

Date created
How it’s used: individual or group session, in school or extracurricular

The self-assessment tool is intended to be used individually as questions require self reflection and will be different for each person.

Available on which devices?

Available on computer, tablet and smartphone



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Would you recommend this game?