The Tower of Geoville

The Tower of Geoville is a video game where the player is part of a team that has to build the largest tower in the city. The player can choose two different ways to play: planning committee or construction team, starting from a 3D grid of the construction plan.

This serious game can be adaptable to guidance considering the design and the construction of the tower as the design and the construction of the career path.


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Publics types

Young people (age not speciefied)


Young people (age not speciefied)

Genre de Jeu

Serious game (video game)


Learn to design and construct something


Reflect on the modalities that can be used to design or construct something, considering different possibilities and strategies.

Compétences - Connaissances

Basic computer skills

Disponible dans ces langues

VITECO Serious Games


VITECO Serious Games

Date de publication/édition
Conditions d’utilisation: individuel ou collectif, scolaire ou extrascolaire

Single mode

Disponible sur quels appareils-supports?

Videogame usable both on PC and on smartphone


No, contact VITECO Serious Games telephone 095 7225331

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