Virtual Project Manager

Virtual Project Manager was one of three mini-games in the My World of Work Live! programme. The player is put into a real-life simulation of a construction site and is put in charge of building new homes.


  • Not really a game and unsuitable for school audiences.
Target groups

Students aged 10-15


VET, Primary and Secondary Education

Type of game

Virtual reality platform


Construction work simulation


To highlight careers opportunities within the construction sector
To learn more about the specifics of construction work and understand the main processes involved

Skills required

Access to VR Headsets
Basic computer / technical skills

Available in these languages

Skills Development Scotland as part of their My World of Work programme


Skills Development Scotland

Date created


How it’s used: individual or group session, in school or extracurricular

Can be used independantly or as part of a lesson

Available on which devices?

Devices that are compatible with apps that are downloadable from the Google Play store


Free by a VR headset is required to use the app

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Would you recommend this game?